Each year we record a rise in the net profit of our company and also each year we share our profit with our shareholders in the form of dividends that from year to year grow larger. High rate of the dividends is the central element of our policy in the capital market and our investors can draw large benefits from being our shareholders. Thus in a longer perspective the rise of share price is not the only measure of financial feasibility of becoming Eurotel’s shareholder.

The final decision about the payment of dividends is made by the General Meeting of the Shareholders. However, prior to the final decision of the GMS, the company’s Board of Directors publishes a recommendation concerning the payment of dividends. The recommendation is always based on three factors: the financial result reached in the previous year, future investment plans and being in possession of free cash flows.

Year Dividends
2006 0.23
2007 0.38
2008 1.05
2009 1.2
2010 1.4
2011 1.5
2012 1.6
2013 1.0
2014 1.0