Krzysztof Stepokura

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr Krzysztof Stepokura was born in 1961. He graduated from a secondary technical school in Gdynia in 1981 (Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych). In 1994 he founded a telecommunications company named Martel which in 1996 worked as authorised dealer of Era mobile operator. Currently Martel functions as distributor of telecommunications equipment of such brands as Siemens, Panasonic and other mobile phone market leading brands. Between 2001-2002 he held the position of a Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Tele-Net Ltd. – a company which is an authorised dealer of the ERA mobile operator. Since 2002 his professional career is related to Eurotel company where he has held been the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the last four years. From the 1st of June 2006, when Eurotel made its debut on the WSE Main Market, Mr Stepokura held the position of a Member of the Board of Directors and from the 30th May 2007 he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr Krzysztof Stepokura holds a majority shareholding of Eurotel. In the Eurotel he is responsible for the company’s finance policy and development strategy.

Krzysztof Stepokura is married and has two grown-up sons. His interests are motorboat sports and sailing.

Tomasz Basińsk

Tomasz Basiński

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr Tomasz Basiński was born in 1967. Between 1987–1990 he studied in the Postsecondary Vocational Technical School in Sopot in the specialty of Digital Machines Programming. In 1992, with very good results, he graduated from the Management Department (field of study – Organisation and Management) of the University of Gdansk. He participated in numerous expert courses in the field of sales and marketing organised by renown and prestigious institutions.

In 1992 he started gaining practical experience in the field of management. He co-organised the office of the Economic Information Centre’s Foundation by the Gdansk Chamber of Commerce. The Foudation dealt with distributing economic information and analysing its importance in the economic turnover.

In the years 1993–1994 he worked as consultant for the Polish-American Entrepreneurship Fund where he participated in such projects as: computing projects in the printing offices in Cracow, Gdansk and in a production company in Warsaw. In the years 1994-1996 he worked as partner of MAW Telecom Gdansk CLP which functioned as an authorised dealer of analogue mobile phones operator PTK Centertel and as a distributor of the telecommunications equipment of such brands as Panasonic and Motorola.

Mr Tomasz Basiński is a cofounder of Eurotel Ltd. He has been holding the position of the member of the Board of Director since the inception of the company. As the company’s shareholder he hold over 3,5% shares. In the Board of Director he is responsible for the Company’s PR activities and marketing. He is also responsible for the company’s relations with investors. He organises the work of the company’s central office and takes care of the most important formal and legal matters.

He is married and has two daughters. He likes to spend his free time travelling, skiing and sailing.