„Cookies” files policy

The following Policy concerns „cookies” files and refers to the internet website //ri.eurotel.pl, owned by Eurotel S.A. based in Gdańsk.

What are „cookies”?

„Cookies” files are short text information sent by the internet services (WWW server) and stored on the customer’s computer (manly on its hard-drive) as txt files. They are used for the purpose of saving internet applications states or individual settings of a given user. Default “cookies” settings enable reading the information stored in the txt files only by the server that created them. “Cookies” are used mainly for the needs of internet statistics, internet shops, internet services that demand logging in, commercials and in order to monitor the activity of visitors of certain websites.


„Cookies” contain numerous types of data about an individual user of a particular internet service and about the history of his/her relation with a given website (more precisely speaking – with a given server). “Cookies” are used mainly in order to help the server automatically verify an individual user and to provide the user with an personalised website or message. Carts in the internet shops operate thanks to that function of “cookies”.

The internet shop engine used by the website //ri.eurotel.pl saves in cookies files information from the following areas:

  • information about the internet session
  • information about the visits to the website

Personal data in „cookies” files

Personal data is being recorded in the „cookies” files only for the purpose of realising certain functions for the benefit of the customer. Personal information is being encoded and unauthorised persons do not have access to them.

Turning-off „cookies”

All currently available internet search engines such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc. enable users to turn off the „cookies” (in default settings the “cookies” mechanism is most often turned on). In order to turn the “cookies” off you should search for guidance in the settings of the internet search engine you are using.