Data raportu Numer raportu Nazwa raportu
2014-10-24 RB 28/2014 Large blocks of shares – waiver of notice as per paragraph 69 of the Act about the public offer. Link
2014-10-21 RB 27/2014 List of shareholders holding at least 5% of the total number of votes in the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders on the 21st October 2014. Link
2014-10-21 RB 26/2014 Resolution concerning the division of profits for the year 2013 Link
2014-10-21 RB 25/2014 Content of resolutions passed during the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders as of 21st October 2014. Link
2014-10-15 RB 24/2014 Annex to the Contract concerning the Multi-product Production Line Link
2014-10-06 RB 23/2014 Board of Management recommendation concerning the division of profit for the trading year 2013. Link
2014-09-01 RB 22/2014 Calling the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders Link
2014-08-14 RB 21/2014 Choosing the entity liable for verifying financial reports of Eurotel S.A. and of Capital Group Eurotel S.A. for the trading year 2014 Link
2014-08-07 RB 20/2014 Change of the Issuer’s Animator Link
2014-08-07 RB 19/2014 Termination of the contract with the entity operating as the Issuer’s Animator Link