The request for convening the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders (EGMS)

One of the shareholders, who holds a stock of 1/20 Eurotel’s shares, has issued a request that is in consent with the resolutions undertaken on the last General Meeting of Shareholders dated 26th June 2014. The request asks for moving the deadline of the decision about the share of profits for 2013 and the date of paying the dividends to October 2014. Eurotel’s Board of Directors will take reasonable actions in order to realise the above mentioned resolutions and to fulfil the shareholder’s request by issuing the request for convening the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders for the purpose of discussing the payment of dividends for the year 2013.

Raport bieżący 18/2014

New Members of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Eurotel has been appointed for a three-year term. The process of appointing the Board has been carried out in such a way that four of the Board’s members were chosen by the company founders who were using their entitlements on the basis of the Company’s Charter and one person – Mr Krzysztof Płachta – was chosen to be a member of the Board by the General Meeting of the Shareholders that took place on the 26th June 2014.

The Supervisory Board has established itself on the 7th July 2014 by choosing Mr Krzysztof Plachta for its Chairman and Mr Jacek Foltarz for its Vice-Chairman. In this way the company’s Supervisory Board, in the same composition and with the same organs as before can effectively fulfil the its tasks.

Apart from the main members of the Board the Supervisory Board is has 3 independent members and it has not yet established the audit committee because due to its current size the function of the audit is being carried out jointly by all its members.

Report from the General Meeting of the Shareholders

In the section of the General Meeting of the Shareholders we have added a video material documenting the meeting which took place on the 26th June 2014.  Watch the video …

Meeting with the Boards of Directors of the Eurotel Company

We hereby inform that on the 24th June 2014 from 5pm until 5.45pm we offer a possibility of meeting one of the representatives of Eurotel’s Board of Directors. The meeting will include a discussion about Eurotel’s financial results and its future plans.

The meeting will take place in Regent Hotel Warsaw located on Belwederska Street no. 23 in Warsaw in room no. 143.

We warmly invite you to join us!